"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. "
-Albert Einstein

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Who Is My Biggest Inspiration??

As I was going through the questions posed to me by the Spread the Love contest, this one in particular struck a chord with me as one I was to answer on my blog rather than my video.  I find myself, as other artists I'm sure, drawing inspiration from many things and many people.  This may change as my season of life changes, but one source of inspiration remains constant with me.  My grandmother is by far my biggest inspiration in my life and in cosmetology.  She was an amazing, strong, independent woman who embodied strength of character in all she did.  Any of my artistic and creative skills I owe to her.  When I was younger, she was the the one who first taught me to oil paint.  I remember it because I was so nervous because I didn't want to mess up the painting.  She was so funny because she said that in art you can't mess up because no matter what, someone would see the beauty even in the 'mess ups'.  She taught me to see color for the beautiful gift it is.  She inspired me to be brave in putting otherwise questionable color combinations together in my clothing.  Yes, I did get teased a time or two because of my outfit and color choices but my grandma would always tell me, 'Hilly, they just don't see color the way you do.'  She inspires me to continue to try new and sometimes unconventional things still today.  All of the things I have done in my life and past career I see her as my inspiration.  I was strong and persistent in my management career.  I was compassionate and engaging in my human resources career.  And now, in the beginning stages of my cosmetology career, I am strong, compassionate, engaging, persistent and creative.  Just as she was.   Even though she's passed away, I still hear her saying to me, 'you can do anything you want...BECAUSE you are a girl'; 'don't give up, Hilly, you'll get there'; 'oh, just look at those beautiful colors!'  Thanks Gram! 

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