"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. "
-Albert Einstein

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all those who follow my blog!  Trick or treating last night was fun but so crowded.  The town I live does an 'organized' trick or treating to keep the kids safe and off the streets.  Well, its a good idea in theory, but it falls short of what it is meant to be, unfortunately.  It started at 6, but the line was so long...kids in line in the street...we went to other places and then came back at about 7:25...line was still there, not as long but kids still in the streets.  I guess I don't see how this keeps the kids any safer.  If anything, the parents are more lax at an event such as this and the kids are therefore less monitored than if they were going door to door in their own neighborhood. 

I found out that I am officially a semi finalist in the Spread the Love contest!!  Woohoo!!  I will be changing up my blog entries because of this.  Going forward, each blog will be themed based upon a given question that I will answer in the blog.  I think it will be good reading and hopefully it will get more people interested in following my blog.  The first entry will be tomorrow and each day going forward.  The questions are pertaining to cosmetology and my thoughts on the industry as a whole. 

Tuesday is my birthday, so Happy Birthday to me!!  No big plans in the works for me...except painting my house and working on the semi finalist work for Spread the Love.  This upcoming week and the next are going to be busy for me with the Dare to Be Bolder event with Sam Lavella, the Spread the Love semi finalist work and working on my new house.  Whew!!  Makes me tired just thinking about it all! 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Portfolio, Spirit Week and other stuff

Well, my portfolio was last Thursday and it went amazingly well.  I'm excited to see how the pictures will turn out.  I hope they look as good on film as I thought they did in person!  I ended up only doing one up do, rather than two or three.  I'm getting better with them, but they still cause me grief!  I am working on them daily to just get a feel for how to do them and getting more comfortable with my hands....slowly but surely I'll master them just as I feel I have mastered other things.

This week at school is spirit week and its been fun so far.  Today was nerd day and it was hilarious seeing everyone in their nerdly outfits!!  The rest of the week ought to be just as fun! 

I had a meeting today with a videographer who is going to help me make my next video if I am chosen as a semi finalist in the Spread the Love.  I am hoping that I'm chosen!!!  I am still so excited about the opportunity to travel and learn and share what I've experienced!!  I've let everyone who needs to know about the contest know.  Now its just the waiting.....November 1st get here faster!!!  My school's owners have been so great to help me with this contest.  I'm so fortunate and I truly hope that I can move forward in this....I know I would be a great choice for them. :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Equality and acceptance is so different depending on the part of country one lives.  I have always heard this was true, but never really thought there was such a contrast.  It is surprisingly so.  For over a year I lived in Northern Virginia, just outside DC, and living there was such an eye opening experience to new thinking and different cultures, something a girl from the mid west had never seen.  Now, I've moved back to the mid west and I'm appalled at the small minded thinking and opposition to different ideas and thoughts.  I suppose since I wasn't raised to be close minded, I assumed that everyone was like me. 

As Americans we assume that everyone appreciates and really understands the freedoms we have and enjoy, but that is not the case.  Too many out there take these things for granted and think that to be different means that one doesn't deserve the same God given rights and freedoms as those that are similar.  It breaks my heart to know people who are treated like second class citizens because they are different.  Where are the good people in the country??  What ever happened to love thy neighbor??

Monday, October 4, 2010


Today we had our first official portfolio class at school.  It was a great class!!   I am so excited about my portfolio and the styles I going to do.  My only nervous/anxious thing is doing up-dos.  They make me stressed because I'm not as comfortable with them as other things such as cutting or coloring.   I think I just need to practice a bit...this week I'll be doing just that!

The last few days/week has been super busy for me at work!!  It doesn't feel like I've had a minute to do much of anything but school and work!  Whew...weeks like that are draining and sometimes take me a minute to catch my breath! 

This week starts my 'overview' part of school...basically I'm on the clinic floor the remaining weeks until I graduate!  So far my first day was great!  I enjoy being on the floor so much and interacting with clients and other students.

November 1 is getting closer and closer and I can hardly stand the waiting!!!  I am so anxious to find out if I was chosen for the Spread the Love campaign.  I know it would be an amazing learning and growing opportunity!  I hope they choose me!  We'll see!!