"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. "
-Albert Einstein

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Full, Rich, Day

Well, I finally submitted my Spread the Love semi finalist videos, blogs and other materials today.  Whew...finally!  I'm feeling a sense of relief and slight panic...second-quessing my videos, my blog writing...everything!  I can't seem to get over the feeling that this is something that I'm a perfect fit for.  This journey would be an amazing one.  One that I would gain so much from.  I would hope that I would gain knowledge, skills, friendships, career opportunities and so much more from this 6 month endeavor.  I am thinking positively now and know that it's up to the powers that be.  I know this for sure...I have given 110% in all parts of this process and I feel good knowing that. 

Well, an update on my step dad.  He had his ventilator tube taken out today because he has been breathing above it the entire time, so the doctors and nurses decided to try a trial of tests to see if he was able to go along without it, he passed the tests so they took it out.  Once it was out, however, his breathing became labored and there was more mucous than originally thought.  The neurosurgeon was not involved in the decision to take out the tube, and when he found out, he wasn't happy that it was taken out.  He ordered it to be put back immediately.  He didn't want Mike to have to deal with a lung issue...he's already had enough thrown at him.  They got the tube re-inserted and got him all settled back down and he is resting nicely. 

So, its been a full, rich day for me and my family.  We are strong though and we know that we can handle anything thrown at us because we have an Almighty Comforter giving us peace.  We know that we are not in control and that we just continue to have faith and take each day as it comes. 

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